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About inquiry from the Internet

Trend Vector Aviation, Inc. (TVA) is accepting inquiries from customers on this website.

When you send questions, please read the following contents and agree with us before making an inquiry. You can contact us by clicking the "Agree" button at the below of the page.

Inquiries from customers will be replied to your email address directly. Please keep in mind that our answer may not replied due to incorrect mail address, network failure, mail filter, etc. Please make sure the setting of your email box to receive the reply from

Depend on the inquiry, we may reply by phone call instead of email. If you do not receive any answer, please call us (Tokyo: 042-461-7880).

Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries from anonymous.

We will reply to individual customers for the purpose of answering inquiries from customers. Please refrain from using the answers to your inquiries for other purposes.

Regarding the personal information of customers, we handle it appropriately and there is no information leakage to occur. Please check our privacy policy page about the detail.

For underage persons

The underage persons are required to contact us with the parents at first.


Do you understand and agree with the contents above?

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